Solutions for Plan Sponsors & Participants

Solutions for Plan Sponsors & Participants

The Platform of Community

Creating an environment of collaboration.

Sharing the common objectives of improving the retirement benefit for participants and simplifying the administration of the plan, the IPXSM Platform’s structure enables access to centralized processing and constructive collaboration for all parties involved with the plan.

Designed to deliver continuity regarding enrollment, account access, education, and plan document provisions, the IPX Platform uniquely addresses the needs of participants, sponsors, administrators, investment vendors, and financial advisors.

The Platform of Governance

Creating an environment of oversight.

The IPX Platform provides administrators with complete online plan management functionality to ease administration and maintain plan compliance. IPX Platform is easy-to-use and configured to the specifics of each plan, which are then consolidated into a single processing environment for complete oversight of all activity.

Plan Profiles

Manage and configure the profile of each plan, including:

  • Authorized investment vendors
  • Approved investment firms and advisor agents
  • Plan provisions
  • Branding and service options
  • Fee schedules

Plan Operations

Manage and configure the operational specifics of each plan, including:

  • Process contributions
  • Review/approve loans and distributions
  • Document library
  • Service tickets
  • Participant census

Plan Reporting

Many participants may want, or already have, a relationship with a financial advisor to assist them with constructing an investment portfolio based on their particular needs or overall financial plan.

The Platform of Freedom

Building an environment of choice.

Once the available investment vendors have been defined, participants have the freedom to choose a service program that fits their particular needs.

Self-Directed Account

Participants who choose to self-direct their own investments can develop the investment menu of their choosing subject to investment vendor availability options or any plan restrictions that may be applicable. The online Resource Center contains a research section to assist with investment planning.

Work with a Financial Advisor

Many participants may want or already have a relationship with a financial advisor to assist them with constructing an investment portfolio based on their particular needs or overall financial plan. If a participant elects, they may appoint a plan-authorized financial advisor as an authorized agent to their account. Participants approve any advisory fees or commissions associated with the authorized agent’s services based on any limitations that may be imposed by the plan.

Access Investment Strategist

Participants or financial advisors can access the industry’s top third-party money managers and investment strategists. By using third-party managers and strategists, participants and advisors can benefit from ongoing professional portfolio management, rebalancing, and performance reporting.

Participant Portal

Our award-winning participant portal was specifically designed to support a broad range of secure online functions, including:

  • Enroll in the plan and investment products.
  • View investment balances, positions and performance.
  • Update investment direction of their investments, including elections, realignments and rebalancing.
  • Review statements and transaction history.
  • Request loans, distribution, exchanges, and rollovers.
  • Access planning resource center that includes videos, calculators, and articles.

Provider Payroll Slots

Participants’ access approved investment providers of their plan, whether the firm is a mutual fund company, insurance annuity provider, or a broker dealer with a proprietary product.

Investment providers are supported on the IPX Platform with custom branding and marketing product definition narrative within their platform payroll slot profile.

Provider profiles approved by the plan contain product features and the list of specific investments performance, authorized advisors who can sell the product as well as complete disclosure of fees and charges.

IPX Built-In Solutions

Online enrollment


Common remitter

De minimis account balance cash out


Universal online employee education

Participants can view profile pages of advisors and agents authorized to the plan that includes:

Contact information

Industry accreditations

Biography and experience