Financial Literacy Assistance

Financial Literacy Assistance

America Has A Major Financial Literacy Problem

Overall, people want to make good financial decisions that set them up for success both today and in the future. But the unfortunate reality is most never had the opportunity to learn how to do it. Case in point: two-thirds of American adults can’t pass a basic financial literacy test.

While broad-based education is clearly needed, there are practical, interactive resources that can help the average American better deal with their financial life. We have developed our Financial Wellness Center that offers just that.

My Financial Wellness Center provides easy-to-use and easy-to-understand videos, calculators and articles to help with dozens of every day financial decisions. We invite you to Watch, Plan and Read.

On the site you’ll find information on nine different life topics:

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Individuals can pick the topic and way they would like to learn.
Across the nine life topics, there are a total of:


Educational Videos


Planning Calculators


Educational Articles